Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Rowen's first day of preschool!

Today was Rowen's first day of preschool! He has been very excited over the last few months for this day to finally be here. He goes three days (M,W,F) a week for 2 1/2 hrs each each day. His teachers name is Mrs. Chmelik, he can even say her name perfectly. I forgot her name the other day but he remembered.

He goes during Lily and Corbin's nap time (if he actually takes one which has been few lately) which is perfect. He can be out playing with friends and having fun, instead of having to play quietly or run errands with me. Another great thing is the school is only a mile down the road! It will be nice for when winter is here so I don't have to drive far in yucky snow or in a lot of traffic.
You can see here that he had no problem saying bye and going to class. He barely even turned all the way to wave bye.
I did get a nice big hug and a " Hi, mommy, I missed you" when I picked him up. It was wonderful!