Friday, August 21, 2009

Genetics can suck sometimes

So, today we found out that Lily has a Urinary Tract Infection. Poor girl. I had many issues as a child with UTI's that involved surgery and lots of other unpleasantness that I won't mention, and so hoped that she would not inherit this. After a couple days of her being very irritable, cupping her crotch and having very smelly pee, I decided to give the Dr's a call and take her in.

They told me on the phone that they would need to use a cathader to get a sample of urine, which I was not fond of at all! They ARE NOT FUN. I tried to do all I could to get a sample so they wouldn't have to. I taped a sandwich bag to her twice to get all I could. They were able to get enough to put it on a strip that then should she had a very high white blood cell count. That then led to the cathader. I was fine with them doing after it after that, knowing that she had one and wasn't going to go threw having it done for no reason. After it was done I thought she deserved a lollipop, it was her first one and she of course LOVED it! Plus it kept her happy while we were waiting for the Dr to come back.

She is now on medicine (which she hates and totally gagged on). So now comes the challenge of trying to prevent them. I am going to look into natural ways to prevent and help treat them. I should also do it for myself. She doesn't like cranberry juice, even mixed with apple. I may see if I can find capsules to put in applesauce or something. Though, after she gagged on the first bit of medicine I gave her I decided to put it the rest in yogurt and that did not help. She knew it was different and wouldn't eat it. Time to get creative.

Sorry baby girl, I'm going to do all I can so you don't have to go threw what I did.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

burnt TOAST

I took the boys for a special lunch a couple days ago (a nice perk with Brandon working from home, I can go out with the boys while Lily is napping and it doesn't interrupt him working). I've been wanting for sometime to try this restaurant. Its a breakfast joint. Corbin has never been to a restaurant, and Rowen was 10 months old last time he went to one (Bamboo in Westford, MA). Are we odd, maybe. Anyways, it was nice to break the daily routine and have some time with just the boys.
We sat outside since it was really nice out, they also liked to watch the fountain. And being outside it didn't matter if they were a little louder (we were also the only ones out there) and they could get up and walk around while we were waiting for our food.
My attempt at getting a picture with them.

Toad fun and more at the Leungs

We went over our friends house, the Leungs, last weekend. They had a bunch of toads in their basement water well. Brandon climbed down and got one for the kids to look at.
Lily having a go at a big kid bike.
They had a giant bowling game, Lily liked to hold the pin.
Rowen trying to catch the toad.
Trying out a scooter for the first time.

Boys on a nature walk

Brandon took both boys on a nature walk a little over a week ago. They went to one with a creek that the boys had fun throwing rocks into.

Corbin found some big ones to throw.
I love this picture, he is happy and care free being a little boy.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trader Joe's

I really like Trader Joe's, its not Whole Foods but they have a pretty good selection of organic and natural foods, and natural products. Whole Foods is a pretty long hike from us so I only make the trip out there every couple months or so. That is one thing I am STOKED about when we move to Texas. It is the Whole Foods haven! There are 3 maybe 4 in Austin, alone.

The kids really like to go because they get to push carts their size and help picking out food. They also have to look for Shelly (a stuffed turtle) that is hidden in the store. They change her spot every couple days. Then at checkout they have to tell the cashier where she is hiding and they get a special treat, an organic fruit leather strip, it is very yummy and good for you. Sometimes they get a balloon too.

This is Shelly. She was hiding in a particularly easy spot this day. Sometimes I can't even find her.

Friday, August 7, 2009

T-Ball fun

Lily playing in the sandbox.
We got them a T-ball, the boys are actually quite good at it. Corbin is spot-on in this shot.
Rowen's face is too funny here.

This is a video of Rowen hitting a couple balls.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some new toys and hair-do's

Not a whole lot has been going on the last couple weeks. We've just been hanging around and playing. Which, well, is what summer is about! And this is Rowen's last summer before he starts the school process. He will be starting preschool on September 4th.

I think he is SO ready for it. He has become a "little boy" the last few weeks and needs some more challenges to keep his busy learning brain happy. He is bored hanging around the house doing the same thing with the same people. He is a total, people-person, and so wants to be around other kids his age and socialize. He is very excited about going.

Brandon took him on another nature walk last week. He really enjoys them. This time he had a bug container that he took along. He got it the day before and ever since, has been obsessed with bugs. His favorite is the Japanese Beetle. He just picks them right up and puts them in. He's also liking centipedes.

And he still always wants to play The Maw, and has become really good too! He can finish levels all by himself now. And even knows to use the camera button so he can see better, if need be.
Lily's hair is getting long, so now I can put in funny ponytails! SUPER CUTE!!!
The boys are always wrestling now, boys will be boys.
We moved the sandbox and climber/slide to the backyard so that in the afternoon we can play in the shade and its not as hot. Doing so exposed the nice dirt patch from where it was sitting. Corbin loves his diggers and discovered it was the perfect spot to use his. We have let him use it for over a week or so, but we now have lawn patch to put over it. Lily is always using what they use too. She has become a fan of Elmo lately but has never watched Sesame Street. She noticed the stuff one we have one day and now sleeps with it and brings it down stairs in the morning.

Boys checking out some bugs they caught.
More awesome Lily hair.

They got a Hopitty Ball too.