Sunday, January 31, 2010

Burgers are cows? No, Thank you!

We watched, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, the other day. Rowen wanted the burgers like the ones that rain in the movie. So we had burgers for dinner tonight. We don't eat meat very often so I figured it would be a nice treat, if you will. After Rowen had eaten half a burger and was eating another 1/4 of one, Brandon told him it was a cow (it was Bison but he knows more what a cow is). Well, he no longer wanted to eat. He was ready to take a bite and then dropped it on to his plate after Brandon told him what it was. He said "I don't like cow". Hahaha...his face was priceless. It was just full of disgust.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Lily!

Lilykins turns 2 today! And went on potty for the time maybe (TMI- but it was number 2 to boot)! She's sat on the potty many times, but tonight she actually went.

Happy Birthday, baby girl!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Monkey Joe's

We took the kids to a place called, Monkey Joe's, the day before Brandon left for Texas. It is a place filled with about a dozen different inflated jumpers/climbers. It was a good couple hours of the kids being able to run around crazy, get out some energy and have a blast!
It was also nice because it had a couple of designated jumpers that only 3yrs and under could go in, so that the way the bigger kids wouldn't trampled the little ones. Lily was all for going in the big kid ones though.
We got there right when they opened so it wasn't busy (which was nice and why we went then) so she was able to enjoy playing in the ones with the boys.

Lily trying to get threw an obstacle.
Corbin on his way to the slide.
Rowen on his way to slide.
Wahooo, go Lily! This was a jumper set up to be like you were in a pin-ball machine.

Lily of course on Daddy's should-ez, and for some reason at the end she was all about sticking her tongue out. She sat there for a good 5-10 minutes like this.

Monday, January 4, 2010

RIP Uncle Speedy

Martin “Speedy” J. Lawson age 55 of Lowell formerly of Carlisle passed away suddenly on Thursday, December 31, 2009.

Born in Lowell on February 7, 1954 he was son of the late Virgil Lawson and Nora (Casey) Lawson (of Killarney, Ireland). Marty graduated from Nashoba Technical High School in 1972 and attended Northeast Broadcasting School.

Marty was an active volunteer with the Carlisle and Westford Fire Departments and enjoyed listening to his police radio. He was a devoted father and grandfather.

My favorite Uncle. Always so upbeat, full of life and welcoming. You made everyone feel like they mattered and were appreciated. You did anything to make all the kids happy at the family BBQ's. You will be missed dearly.

Winter fun

Lily coloring with new crayons from Grandma and Grandpa.

Corbin wearing the hat that came with his forklift for his birthday.

Boys going for a ride. We don't have many hills here in Illinois.
Lily has been in a total Daddy phase the past couple weeks. I find it very cute. She loves to sit on his should-ez, as she calls it. She backs up to him saying, should-ez daddy. And still of course with her hat and her baby doll.
Ahh, swaddling her baby.


Christmas was really fun this year. With them being older, they understand more about what's going on. It was awesome to see how excited they were. We did a lot of craft time making decorations for the house, baking cookies, and decorating the tree.

Lily is always wanting to play with the boys' Lego's, so we got her her own set. The boys sets are too little for her to use. She knows not too eat them but she can't build anything with them. As you can see she was very happy.
Rowen was super excited he got a train Lego set. Corbin is in the middle of opening his excavator set. Lily loves her hat! She decided a few weeks ago that she always wants to wear it.
American Girl baby doll from Grandma and Grandpa. Poking eyes of is course the first thing you do to a new baby.Mommy and Lily chillin' after a busy day.

Lily loves her lollipops! I gave them each a lollipop in their stockings. It was the first thing she opened. She then went into the boys stockings to try and snag theirs.

Awesome Lego's from Auntie Alaina and Uncle Trey.