Monday, January 11, 2010

Monkey Joe's

We took the kids to a place called, Monkey Joe's, the day before Brandon left for Texas. It is a place filled with about a dozen different inflated jumpers/climbers. It was a good couple hours of the kids being able to run around crazy, get out some energy and have a blast!
It was also nice because it had a couple of designated jumpers that only 3yrs and under could go in, so that the way the bigger kids wouldn't trampled the little ones. Lily was all for going in the big kid ones though.
We got there right when they opened so it wasn't busy (which was nice and why we went then) so she was able to enjoy playing in the ones with the boys.

Lily trying to get threw an obstacle.
Corbin on his way to the slide.
Rowen on his way to slide.
Wahooo, go Lily! This was a jumper set up to be like you were in a pin-ball machine.

Lily of course on Daddy's should-ez, and for some reason at the end she was all about sticking her tongue out. She sat there for a good 5-10 minutes like this.

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