Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kumon Method

I recently discovered these really neat learning workbooks for the boys and eventually Lily. I wanted more activities to with them and it is also good for those spongy (of course this is a good thing, they are at the height of learning) brains they have going on now.

The books are called the Kumon Workbooks. It introduces learning concepts in an incremental, step-by-step approach, allowing children to master new skills easily and without anxiety or frustration. As a result, children gain confidence in their abilities and are motivated to learn on their own.

Rowen doing some of the Tracing book.

Corbin working in the Tracing book and a Paste book. He really likes the Paste book.
They have a lot of fun doing them and they get so proud of themselves when they finish. I love seeing them have that confidence. I also got them ones on learning to cut paper. These will help them with their dexterity and hand control as well.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

First water fun of the year

We had a nice warm day yesterday, sunny and in the 80's, so we had some fun in the sprinkler! These next 3 pictures are hilarious, look at that brotherly love.

Lily liked it for a couple minutes, then decided she liked sliding better. I think she will like a pool better once we get a new one. The one from last year was not salvageable.

Corbin and Lily share such a cute hug. Lily was in a very hugging mood this day.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eureka...Sunflower seed butter!

I was so happy to hear that there is Sunflower seed butter! With Rowen being allergic to peanuts (and other legumes) this will be a great replacement. Corbin and Lily don't have nut products either so this will be good for them too. They usually have cream cheese and jelly sandwiches but I'm getting sick of them eating it all the time.

Plus Sunflower seeds are very healthy. It will supply them with protein, along with, healthy fats, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, betaine (protects against cardiovascular disease), phytochemicals and choline.

We are wanting to try them with almonds as well. I really want them to have some seeds and nuts in their diets. Then they can have almond butter sandwiches. I want to try them with fish too, probably just Salmon and maybe Tilapia. I want them to have a good source of DHA and another form of protein as well (we rarely eat red meat and occasionally have turkey or chicken). I'm pretty sure that Lily and Corbin will be fine with fish, allergy wise. They have a yogurt that has fish oils in it and they do fine. I won't be giving them shellfish anytime soon though as that was a positive on Rowen's blood test. We will be having him tested again soon before he starts preschool so we can can have an updated look at his allergies. And we will need to have an Epi Pen for him to have at school.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Veggie Rocket Popsicles

You won't find these in your grocery store! I got some awesome BPA-free Popsicle molds in Rockets and Shooting Stars. They are super sturdy and you can take one out at a time. It wasn't super hot out but I had the stuff to make some, so I made a refreshing and healthy blend of organic banana, pineapple and spinach Popsicles. Once blended it was a great green color. I'm looking foraward to seeing what kind of yummy confections I can make up and possibly even do some layering action and make rainbow ones!
Lily loved it and was quite mad when it was gone, but little does she know its not her last.
The boys ate them at an incredible speed and wanted more. If only they knew how good it was for them.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Wicket Fisticuffs

We had the pleasure of playing with a SUPER cute puppy named Wicket! Friends of ours, Tony and Coty, came over for some nice hanging out time and BBQing yesterday and brought their Shih tzu. She is very well behaved and was really good with the kids. It took them a bit to warm up to her running around, more so for Corbin and Lily, but once Wicket was also calmed down from the excitement of new people everyone was relaxed. Lily never liked the dog coming near her, it was pretty funny to watch her freak out (mean, maybe, but she was fine).

Rowen was mackin' on Coty. He is such a lovey-dovey kid in general and really sweet.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomatoes, Strawberries and maybe Pumpkins

We planted some organic Cherry Tomatoes and Strawberries over the weekend. These are 2 of the kids favorite foods so we chose them for that reason and because they hold up well in pots. I would LOVE to have a nice big organic garden one day that we can all work in. But we need to be settled first and have the time.

Rowen was a big helper at the nursery pulling the wagon. We got tomato and strawberry rootstock. I didn't have the time or stuff to start them inside first.
Getting soil ready for the strawberries
Boys planting strawberries
Rowen saw some pumpkins seeds and really wanted them so we decided to plant some. It will be nice if they do grow, then we'll have them for Halloween
Putting soil in pots for the tomatoes

These are our plants! I really hope they grow some yummy food. Its nice for them to see how we actually get our food (not just from the store).

Lily saying Grandpa & Grandma

This is the best I can do for now, but she is saying Grandpa and Grandma. They were here for a visit a month ago and she wasn't very fond of Grandpa but now she walks around randomly saying Grandpa and Grandma multiple times.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Milk poop

So we were playing outside and when Rowen went to play on the slide he saw something. So I went over to see. It was bird poop. I explained to him what it was and how it got there. He then replied, "yeah it pooped milk" ha ha. And well, yeah, bird poop does look like milk. I love when say such funny things.

A SWEET treat!

The boys and I made some yummy M&M cookies the other day! They love to help when I cook or bake. I figured we all could use a special treat. I really like that they enjoy helping (when its the appropriate time). It is a good way to learn. And kids who help in the preparation of the food are more likely to have a broader range of foods they will eat (though they do eat a very good variety). Once they are older it will help with math skills too. With 3 kids who always want to eat, I'm always in the kitchen. It is nice if I can include them as much as possible. I really need to invest in one the these stools for them, it is much safer than chairs.

They were quite amazed by the egg
Pouring and stirring also helps with motor control

Perfection to make sure they all get a good amount of M&M's

Are they done yet???
Lily got to enjoy some, and was very happy
Hard work is delicious!