Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Veggie Rocket Popsicles

You won't find these in your grocery store! I got some awesome BPA-free Popsicle molds in Rockets and Shooting Stars. They are super sturdy and you can take one out at a time. It wasn't super hot out but I had the stuff to make some, so I made a refreshing and healthy blend of organic banana, pineapple and spinach Popsicles. Once blended it was a great green color. I'm looking foraward to seeing what kind of yummy confections I can make up and possibly even do some layering action and make rainbow ones!
Lily loved it and was quite mad when it was gone, but little does she know its not her last.
The boys ate them at an incredible speed and wanted more. If only they knew how good it was for them.


  1. you are super mom!! happy belated mothers day, i love you and miss you !


  2. I bought some popsicle molds like those recently. Did you use equal parts of all the ingredients? Thanks to you, I'll be using all these healthy & yummy recipes you post for our kids (and maybe Bob too). =)