Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomatoes, Strawberries and maybe Pumpkins

We planted some organic Cherry Tomatoes and Strawberries over the weekend. These are 2 of the kids favorite foods so we chose them for that reason and because they hold up well in pots. I would LOVE to have a nice big organic garden one day that we can all work in. But we need to be settled first and have the time.

Rowen was a big helper at the nursery pulling the wagon. We got tomato and strawberry rootstock. I didn't have the time or stuff to start them inside first.
Getting soil ready for the strawberries
Boys planting strawberries
Rowen saw some pumpkins seeds and really wanted them so we decided to plant some. It will be nice if they do grow, then we'll have them for Halloween
Putting soil in pots for the tomatoes

These are our plants! I really hope they grow some yummy food. Its nice for them to see how we actually get our food (not just from the store).

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