Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today is Daddy's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!!!! Where does time go? Brandon is 35 today! I remember the days of a young Brandon and Melissa (17 yrs ago) still in the awkward stages of the relationship where it's all new and you have butterflies in your stomach. Ask anyone I went to school with, I knew that I was going to marry him. They say you know when you find the one and its true. And now we have 3 children and are a month away from our 9 year wedding anniversary! This sounds more like an anniversary post doesn't it?

Happy Birthday, Brandon. I love you! And so do the kids, very much!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Legos, snow and fish

Since Christmas, the boys have been very much into Legos and Star Wars. We got Rowen the Lego Star Wars video game for x-mas and that became the near end of his train phase. Which has now ended. It was a good 2 1/2 years of loving trains. He still likes them but doesn't play with them. Both boys are always running around the house shooting each other with blasters and light sabers, flying their Lego ships, pretending they are walkers and having their little Lego clone troopers and snow troopers blast each other.
We thought it would be a nice to go to the Lego Discovery Center before we moved with the new love of Legos. Well, it was not the best experience for them. There is not much at all to do there. They watch a movie that went over kill on the 3D and freaked them out. A Lego dragon ride that was not all that interesting. Then all there was left to do was look at sculptures. You could play with Legos but they were immensely filthy and after everyone just getting over being sick for 2 weeks we were not about to let them drive into that filth. It was $50 we should have spent on some awesome Legos that we could have had way more fun with at home. Now we know. DO NOT go to the Lego Discovery Center!
The best thing is they got out of it was having some pictures taken with big Lego sculptures.

We were finally able to build a snowman!

Lily has taken a big interest in the Lets Go Fishing game. You know, the game where the fish spin and open and close there mouths. She's been wanting to play it since the boys got it for Christmas but we always said no you are too little. Well, one day we caved and she sat happily and played it for a good 2-3hrs! I don't know why we just didn't let her try it in the first place. Its for ages 4 and up but she knows not to put things in her mouth. I mean, she plays with tiny Lego pieces so why not this. And she's actually really good at it! Plus, its great eye-hand coordination.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get well popsicles

The kids all got coughs and little fevers on Monday night. It then led to the mud bums. Instead of Pedialyte (which is filled with colors, preservatives, and who knows what chemicals), I like to use Coconut water. It's excellent for natural hydration.
I used some to make what I call, Get well popsicles. I used coconut water, fresh banana, frozen strawberries, a splash of OJ and some raw honey. The coconut water is for they hydration amongst other benefits, while the banana helps to block them up, and the OJ and strawberry are for vitamin C and raw honey is like the magic sweetener full of health benefits (some kale or spinach would be great in here too). And they also helped to sooth their throats and cool them off from the fevers. (If you click on the highlighted words it will link you to some info on how healthy they are for you)
I also give them (as well as myself) spoonfuls of raw honey. They love it and ask many times during the day for it.

Snow time!

Its was actually 30 here one day, so we were able to play outside! Usually its just too cold and windy. I'm talking -20 with the wind chill. Its great to get some sunshine, fresh air and exercise.
Making snow-birds
Goofy Lily
Corbin trying ride up an icy hill.

I owe Corbin a cake

Well, I had my first cake disaster. Yes, it was a month late and I bombed. I decided on making Corbin an Excavator cake. I was not well planned and rushed it. We ate it though!

Wicket and Gonzo

Our friends, Tony and Coty, came over a couple weekends ago. They brought their dogs, Wicket and Gonzo. They've come over with Wicket ( she's just over 1) before. They got Gonzo (3 mo.old) a little over a month ago.
The kids LOVE when Tony and Coty come over. And they all really love Coty (not that they don't love our other friends ;). They always want to sit with her or have her hold them and play with her. Its stinks we won't see them as much soon.

Rowen snuggling Gonzo (the lovey dovey boy he is).
Rowen asking for Wicket's paw.
Boys bombarding Gonzo while he tries to rest.

Lily sitting with Coty while petting Wicket.