Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Get well popsicles

The kids all got coughs and little fevers on Monday night. It then led to the mud bums. Instead of Pedialyte (which is filled with colors, preservatives, and who knows what chemicals), I like to use Coconut water. It's excellent for natural hydration.
I used some to make what I call, Get well popsicles. I used coconut water, fresh banana, frozen strawberries, a splash of OJ and some raw honey. The coconut water is for they hydration amongst other benefits, while the banana helps to block them up, and the OJ and strawberry are for vitamin C and raw honey is like the magic sweetener full of health benefits (some kale or spinach would be great in here too). And they also helped to sooth their throats and cool them off from the fevers. (If you click on the highlighted words it will link you to some info on how healthy they are for you)
I also give them (as well as myself) spoonfuls of raw honey. They love it and ask many times during the day for it.

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