Monday, February 22, 2010

Legos, snow and fish

Since Christmas, the boys have been very much into Legos and Star Wars. We got Rowen the Lego Star Wars video game for x-mas and that became the near end of his train phase. Which has now ended. It was a good 2 1/2 years of loving trains. He still likes them but doesn't play with them. Both boys are always running around the house shooting each other with blasters and light sabers, flying their Lego ships, pretending they are walkers and having their little Lego clone troopers and snow troopers blast each other.
We thought it would be a nice to go to the Lego Discovery Center before we moved with the new love of Legos. Well, it was not the best experience for them. There is not much at all to do there. They watch a movie that went over kill on the 3D and freaked them out. A Lego dragon ride that was not all that interesting. Then all there was left to do was look at sculptures. You could play with Legos but they were immensely filthy and after everyone just getting over being sick for 2 weeks we were not about to let them drive into that filth. It was $50 we should have spent on some awesome Legos that we could have had way more fun with at home. Now we know. DO NOT go to the Lego Discovery Center!
The best thing is they got out of it was having some pictures taken with big Lego sculptures.

We were finally able to build a snowman!

Lily has taken a big interest in the Lets Go Fishing game. You know, the game where the fish spin and open and close there mouths. She's been wanting to play it since the boys got it for Christmas but we always said no you are too little. Well, one day we caved and she sat happily and played it for a good 2-3hrs! I don't know why we just didn't let her try it in the first place. Its for ages 4 and up but she knows not to put things in her mouth. I mean, she plays with tiny Lego pieces so why not this. And she's actually really good at it! Plus, its great eye-hand coordination.

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