Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wicket and Gonzo

Our friends, Tony and Coty, came over a couple weekends ago. They brought their dogs, Wicket and Gonzo. They've come over with Wicket ( she's just over 1) before. They got Gonzo (3 mo.old) a little over a month ago.
The kids LOVE when Tony and Coty come over. And they all really love Coty (not that they don't love our other friends ;). They always want to sit with her or have her hold them and play with her. Its stinks we won't see them as much soon.

Rowen snuggling Gonzo (the lovey dovey boy he is).
Rowen asking for Wicket's paw.
Boys bombarding Gonzo while he tries to rest.

Lily sitting with Coty while petting Wicket.

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