Sunday, January 2, 2011

San Antonio Zoo

We got a great Christmas present from Brandon's parents, a one year membership to the San Antonio zoo! Brandon had the week after Christmas off so it was the perfect time to go. Though all week it was rainy after not raining for months. On our way it was foggy and rainy but ended up clearing and being mostly sunny and about 75 degrees by the time we got there (which was why we chose that particular day). We will definitely need to get in some trips before it gets super hot again. Its an hour and a half drive but once we move closer to the city it should be right around an hour.

Checking out the Giant Tortoise
Silly kids
Seeing what real turtle eggs would be like.

Having a special ice cream treat!

There were a few exhibits you could go in and be up close with some of the animals. It was really neat (but smelly).

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its Christmas!

Christmas was low key as usual. Just us hanging out having fun opening new toys! We tried to make it last a couple hours. The kids were very excited but we made it past noon before they opened them all.
Lily opening her first present, an outfit for her baby from Grandma and Grandpa. She was very happy and surprised.
Corbin excited for his new stuffed turtle. Its is favorite now.
Her baby all dressed.
Another turtle!!!
Rowen building a Lego set we got him.
The biggest turtle ever. As you can see, he loves it.
A marble run.

Brandon modeling his new kicks.
Marble run fun.

Playing the Lego Creationary game from Grandma and Grandpa
Using the new Easel from Auntie Alaina and Uncle Trey

Rowen building another Lego set, he's a Lego mad man.
The finished Emperor Palpatines ship.
We cut down our own tree from a tree farm. Gotta love Texas, watch out fire ants. And there was a lot!
Tractor hay ride to the field. It was actually quite cold this day.

Our tree.

Christmas cookie time!

This year I was not up on my usual dozens of cookies making. We made one batch of sugar cookies, 2 days before Xmas. I think it was a mix of time and not wanting all those cookies around. We didn't even finish the one batch of sugar cookies I made. Lily has been quite the little mommies helper in the Kitchen. Rowen still loves to help but Lily has been wanting to help anytime I'm making something. One of these days I will finally get the Learning Tower
It would make me less nervous when they help with cooking/baking. And I do love that they like to help so much. Now they just need to understand that there are times that are for them helping and times that aren't. Lily actually loves to watch The Food Network, or any cooking show really. I love it!

Adding flour.
Making sure its all mixed.
The finished dough to refrigerate.