Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas cookie time!

This year I was not up on my usual dozens of cookies making. We made one batch of sugar cookies, 2 days before Xmas. I think it was a mix of time and not wanting all those cookies around. We didn't even finish the one batch of sugar cookies I made. Lily has been quite the little mommies helper in the Kitchen. Rowen still loves to help but Lily has been wanting to help anytime I'm making something. One of these days I will finally get the Learning Tower
It would make me less nervous when they help with cooking/baking. And I do love that they like to help so much. Now they just need to understand that there are times that are for them helping and times that aren't. Lily actually loves to watch The Food Network, or any cooking show really. I love it!

Adding flour.
Making sure its all mixed.
The finished dough to refrigerate.

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