Saturday, January 1, 2011

Its Christmas!

Christmas was low key as usual. Just us hanging out having fun opening new toys! We tried to make it last a couple hours. The kids were very excited but we made it past noon before they opened them all.
Lily opening her first present, an outfit for her baby from Grandma and Grandpa. She was very happy and surprised.
Corbin excited for his new stuffed turtle. Its is favorite now.
Her baby all dressed.
Another turtle!!!
Rowen building a Lego set we got him.
The biggest turtle ever. As you can see, he loves it.
A marble run.

Brandon modeling his new kicks.
Marble run fun.

Playing the Lego Creationary game from Grandma and Grandpa
Using the new Easel from Auntie Alaina and Uncle Trey

Rowen building another Lego set, he's a Lego mad man.
The finished Emperor Palpatines ship.
We cut down our own tree from a tree farm. Gotta love Texas, watch out fire ants. And there was a lot!
Tractor hay ride to the field. It was actually quite cold this day.

Our tree.

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