Sunday, January 2, 2011

San Antonio Zoo

We got a great Christmas present from Brandon's parents, a one year membership to the San Antonio zoo! Brandon had the week after Christmas off so it was the perfect time to go. Though all week it was rainy after not raining for months. On our way it was foggy and rainy but ended up clearing and being mostly sunny and about 75 degrees by the time we got there (which was why we chose that particular day). We will definitely need to get in some trips before it gets super hot again. Its an hour and a half drive but once we move closer to the city it should be right around an hour.

Checking out the Giant Tortoise
Silly kids
Seeing what real turtle eggs would be like.

Having a special ice cream treat!

There were a few exhibits you could go in and be up close with some of the animals. It was really neat (but smelly).

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