Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Eureka...Sunflower seed butter!

I was so happy to hear that there is Sunflower seed butter! With Rowen being allergic to peanuts (and other legumes) this will be a great replacement. Corbin and Lily don't have nut products either so this will be good for them too. They usually have cream cheese and jelly sandwiches but I'm getting sick of them eating it all the time.

Plus Sunflower seeds are very healthy. It will supply them with protein, along with, healthy fats, fiber, magnesium, vitamin E, betaine (protects against cardiovascular disease), phytochemicals and choline.

We are wanting to try them with almonds as well. I really want them to have some seeds and nuts in their diets. Then they can have almond butter sandwiches. I want to try them with fish too, probably just Salmon and maybe Tilapia. I want them to have a good source of DHA and another form of protein as well (we rarely eat red meat and occasionally have turkey or chicken). I'm pretty sure that Lily and Corbin will be fine with fish, allergy wise. They have a yogurt that has fish oils in it and they do fine. I won't be giving them shellfish anytime soon though as that was a positive on Rowen's blood test. We will be having him tested again soon before he starts preschool so we can can have an updated look at his allergies. And we will need to have an Epi Pen for him to have at school.

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