Sunday, May 3, 2009

A SWEET treat!

The boys and I made some yummy M&M cookies the other day! They love to help when I cook or bake. I figured we all could use a special treat. I really like that they enjoy helping (when its the appropriate time). It is a good way to learn. And kids who help in the preparation of the food are more likely to have a broader range of foods they will eat (though they do eat a very good variety). Once they are older it will help with math skills too. With 3 kids who always want to eat, I'm always in the kitchen. It is nice if I can include them as much as possible. I really need to invest in one the these stools for them, it is much safer than chairs.

They were quite amazed by the egg
Pouring and stirring also helps with motor control

Perfection to make sure they all get a good amount of M&M's

Are they done yet???
Lily got to enjoy some, and was very happy
Hard work is delicious!

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  1. Melissa, you are so amazingly patient. I kick my kids as far out of the kitchen as I can when I cook! ha ha