Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Lily is now 15 months old and growing and talking like crazy! She is 26lbs 12oz & 32inches. She is 95th% tile for both. Now that she's been walking for a few months she thinning out and looking longer.

She has been quite the shoe fanatic lately. She loves to wear them and carry them around. Her Aunt Tracey will be proud.

We've given her a doll to play with but she'd much rather use diggers, cars, and trains (no brother influence here at all ;). She even tips over monster trucks like the boys, pretending its a tractor tipping like in the movie, Cars.

Daddy is playing with her here on a beautiful day!
She loves to go outside not only because she likes to play out there, she gets to put on her shoes too!

Anytime she sees birds flying by she gets super excited. Its very funny to see.

She discovered that there are steps on the slide/climber, just like ones she goes up on inside when its bath time. She also likes the sandbox, though its not as much as the stairs. She uses chalk pretty well. She also rides the big wheel an her little car. Of course we can't forget the picking up of super tiny things she finds like, pieces of driveway, or some bark mulch, little rocks. But she so kindly hands them to me and says "Thank you". A few times I catch her sampling bark mulch. Though I'm thinking its not a food that gets better with age, like cheese;) She'll figure it out one day.

Don't you just want to eat those cheeks!

Only 1yr old and riding a Harley already! She's happy she was able to get to it in time and snag it before her brother noticed she got it.

Her hair is getting pretty long now and needs to put to the side so its not in her eyes all time. I can't wait to be able to put it up in cute pig tails!

She's sporting some super cute jammys here.

Lily is a happy, silly and great baby girl to be around. She'll make you smile and laugh and even if your having a bad day.

I love you Lily!


  1. She's turning into quite the pretty little girl, no longer the cute baby. Where do you get all of those cute hair clips?

  2. awww what an awesome lil girl!! love you guys


  3. I got them at the Carter's outlet. I like how they clip on and don't pinch the hair.