Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Corbin's first swim lesson!

Corbin had his first swim lesson last night. He had a blast! I wasn't sure about how he was going to do. He loves baths, but essentially being in a big bath with lots of other people, I was wondering about that. This was after we had checked in and was getting ready to swim!

We started out the class in the water with the play structure you see behind him, with the teacher dumping two baskets of balls in for the kids to throw back in the basket. Then we went over to a bigger pool that was no less than 3ft 5in and no deeper than 4ft 2in. Of course me being short I some how ended up being in the deeper part. The class was us holding them the whole time while singing songs and moving them to swim on their backs, belly's, and side. And having them pop out of the water during certain parts of the song, like- the people on the bus go up and down; for the wheels on the bus. We also did a lesson for them to learn when its ok to go into the water. I would stand him on the outside of the pool and do some counting, then clap and say ok, then he would jump into my arms.

He wanted to test out the water before hand and decided to start walking in, at which point when he got to his shins he fell as he discovered it was getting deeper and was a bit scared. But after a few reassuring words and distracting him, he was fine when it came to swim, thankfully.

After class he was all pumped up. He had so much fun and was surprised himself I think at how much fun he had. He is excited for his next class.

Rowen's first class is on Saturday. He was very unhappy that it wasn't his turn. But he knows that in a few days he gets to go and Corbin doesn't. We had originally decided that we were definitely going to have Rowen take swimming lessons, but realized that Corbin needed to do an activity too and get out of the house and know that there are other people in the world.

Brandon and I will be switching off taking them so they get to have some one on one time with us both. They are taking the lessons at the health club that recently opened up down the road. Its the same place I go to for yoga.

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  1. awesome fun! good idea to start them very early. i didn't get into swim lessons until i was 9 or 10. by that time i had almost drowned a couple of times and had alot of anxiety around water. i had an extreme fear of jumping and diving into water. i don't know that i ever got over that fear.