Monday, April 27, 2009

Rowen's first swim lesson!

Rowen had his first swimming lesson on Saturday. He was so excited all day that it was finally his turn. He had SO much fun! In his class they allow to be in the class for the first couple but recommend you to let them do it with just the instructors. If your child is really having a hard time they will just let you stay with them since you want them to be comfortable.

I am a nervous parent when comes to things like this, so I was in there with him but he did everything himself or with the instructor when it was time. He hasn't been in an actual pool like this on his own so I was near him for the first few minutes but then stayed off to the side and let him be.

This is before class
They did all sorts of fun things with them. Here they are crawling like alligators.

Part of the class was in the deep pool for them to learn to jump in and float assisted. He jumped in just fine the first time but realized that it was much deeper than the first pool. He was a little scared to go back in so I went in and he saw that it was OK, so he decided he would come in with me then after a few minutes he let the instructors take him again and he had fun as you see.

They were playing red light, green light here to learn to kick fast, slow and when to stop.
He was lucky because his class got to play in the fountains and on the water slide. Corbin's class is too young to.

He was so happy he got to go down the slide! When we walked in and he saw it he kept asking to on. I'm so glad it was part of the class. I was surprised at how well he did all by himself. I told the instructor to catch him because he had never been on one before but he didn't need it.
They also did a ring toss where each kid was given a color and then the instructor would throw them for the kids to grab them. They would make it a little deeper each time. When it got to his neck while bending to get it he was a bit scared but did well.

There are 2 other boys in the class his age and 2 instructors so I think that works out well for him. He gets to socialize and have a ton of fun! And learn water safety of course.


  1. That place looks amazing! I'm glad that both boys enjoyed their first lessons. Maybe I should sign Bob up to help him get over his swimming anxiety....

  2. Haha, yeah he mentioned he had some. It is a very nice place. Its nice that you don't need to be a member to take classes there. Hopefully it will help them with knowing what to do in the water since I have 3 young ones to watch.