Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some new toys and hair-do's

Not a whole lot has been going on the last couple weeks. We've just been hanging around and playing. Which, well, is what summer is about! And this is Rowen's last summer before he starts the school process. He will be starting preschool on September 4th.

I think he is SO ready for it. He has become a "little boy" the last few weeks and needs some more challenges to keep his busy learning brain happy. He is bored hanging around the house doing the same thing with the same people. He is a total, people-person, and so wants to be around other kids his age and socialize. He is very excited about going.

Brandon took him on another nature walk last week. He really enjoys them. This time he had a bug container that he took along. He got it the day before and ever since, has been obsessed with bugs. His favorite is the Japanese Beetle. He just picks them right up and puts them in. He's also liking centipedes.

And he still always wants to play The Maw, and has become really good too! He can finish levels all by himself now. And even knows to use the camera button so he can see better, if need be.
Lily's hair is getting long, so now I can put in funny ponytails! SUPER CUTE!!!
The boys are always wrestling now, boys will be boys.
We moved the sandbox and climber/slide to the backyard so that in the afternoon we can play in the shade and its not as hot. Doing so exposed the nice dirt patch from where it was sitting. Corbin loves his diggers and discovered it was the perfect spot to use his. We have let him use it for over a week or so, but we now have lawn patch to put over it. Lily is always using what they use too. She has become a fan of Elmo lately but has never watched Sesame Street. She noticed the stuff one we have one day and now sleeps with it and brings it down stairs in the morning.

Boys checking out some bugs they caught.
More awesome Lily hair.

They got a Hopitty Ball too.

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