Wednesday, August 19, 2009

burnt TOAST

I took the boys for a special lunch a couple days ago (a nice perk with Brandon working from home, I can go out with the boys while Lily is napping and it doesn't interrupt him working). I've been wanting for sometime to try this restaurant. Its a breakfast joint. Corbin has never been to a restaurant, and Rowen was 10 months old last time he went to one (Bamboo in Westford, MA). Are we odd, maybe. Anyways, it was nice to break the daily routine and have some time with just the boys.
We sat outside since it was really nice out, they also liked to watch the fountain. And being outside it didn't matter if they were a little louder (we were also the only ones out there) and they could get up and walk around while we were waiting for our food.
My attempt at getting a picture with them.

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