Friday, August 21, 2009

Genetics can suck sometimes

So, today we found out that Lily has a Urinary Tract Infection. Poor girl. I had many issues as a child with UTI's that involved surgery and lots of other unpleasantness that I won't mention, and so hoped that she would not inherit this. After a couple days of her being very irritable, cupping her crotch and having very smelly pee, I decided to give the Dr's a call and take her in.

They told me on the phone that they would need to use a cathader to get a sample of urine, which I was not fond of at all! They ARE NOT FUN. I tried to do all I could to get a sample so they wouldn't have to. I taped a sandwich bag to her twice to get all I could. They were able to get enough to put it on a strip that then should she had a very high white blood cell count. That then led to the cathader. I was fine with them doing after it after that, knowing that she had one and wasn't going to go threw having it done for no reason. After it was done I thought she deserved a lollipop, it was her first one and she of course LOVED it! Plus it kept her happy while we were waiting for the Dr to come back.

She is now on medicine (which she hates and totally gagged on). So now comes the challenge of trying to prevent them. I am going to look into natural ways to prevent and help treat them. I should also do it for myself. She doesn't like cranberry juice, even mixed with apple. I may see if I can find capsules to put in applesauce or something. Though, after she gagged on the first bit of medicine I gave her I decided to put it the rest in yogurt and that did not help. She knew it was different and wouldn't eat it. Time to get creative.

Sorry baby girl, I'm going to do all I can so you don't have to go threw what I did.

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