Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trader Joe's

I really like Trader Joe's, its not Whole Foods but they have a pretty good selection of organic and natural foods, and natural products. Whole Foods is a pretty long hike from us so I only make the trip out there every couple months or so. That is one thing I am STOKED about when we move to Texas. It is the Whole Foods haven! There are 3 maybe 4 in Austin, alone.

The kids really like to go because they get to push carts their size and help picking out food. They also have to look for Shelly (a stuffed turtle) that is hidden in the store. They change her spot every couple days. Then at checkout they have to tell the cashier where she is hiding and they get a special treat, an organic fruit leather strip, it is very yummy and good for you. Sometimes they get a balloon too.

This is Shelly. She was hiding in a particularly easy spot this day. Sometimes I can't even find her.

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