Monday, December 21, 2009

What to do on a cold winters day...

The past week or so we've been hanging around getting ready for Christmas. We got our tree and decorated it. Now Lily says "its Christmas time!" repeatedly throughout the day. It's cute and very enthusiastic. She wants shoes for Christmas (of course) and now Legos because the boys have big boy Leogs.
The boys are still very much into trains, diggers and now Legos since we got them some a few weeks ago. We got Rowen an Transformers tank to see if it would interest him. He liked it until he lost the missile and couldn't shoot it anymore.

We shall see what Santa brings them this year in just a few days!

Lily having fun painting.
Playing in the first snow of the season.

Snow ball fight!!!
We of course have to make Christmas cookies. The boys really love to help cook and bake.

Lily getting some painting tips from the best artist, her daddy.
Gotta love the dry winter air. Wahoo, static time!
Playing, ring around the rosy.


  1. Let's get together after Christmas & take the kids sledding or something!

  2. That sounds like fun! I need to Lily some snow boots. Any ideas where to go that has hills but not too big?