Saturday, September 25, 2010

School, Dogs and a new baby

Its been a very mild September. We are trying to get our financial status in check so aren't doing too much. And with school season here I've decided to do "school" at home. Not only so Rowen is kept up in his learnings before he goes to Kindergarten next year (eeeeeeek). But lately the kids have been, I guess you can say, tired of playing. Basically the entire day is free play. Yes we do coloring, read books, etc threw the day, but I am seeing that they need to more of a structured day. They also really need to have more time apart but that really isn't an option for for 5 of the 7 days of the week. And then when the weekends are here we also want to do family time so its a catch 22 I guess. What are ya gonna do.

Boys practicing letters. They both really know how to do all the letters (Rowen can even spell quite a few).
We learned about hygiene and why we need to wash ourselves and how to do it. So I made little "tubs" and they washed a few of there action figures/doll.
Lily colors while we do school.
Lily reading to her doll.
I gave the boys haircuts and Corbin very enthusiastically said he wanted a mohawk. Mohawk he got. Like father like son.
We went to story time at the Book People book store in the city for Petting Zoo story
time. I thought there would be more animals. Rowen and Lily petting a baby duck.
All of them petting bunnies.
Our friends Tony and Coty came over and Corbin really LOVES playing the dogs. Him and Gonzo were running around the house the entire day. They were made for each other.
More playing with Gonzo and Wicket.
We welcomed a new Nephew/Cousin to the family. Aunty Alaina had a healthy adorable baby boy on September 2. Grant Vernon Alter. Welcome to the family Grant!

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