Saturday, March 26, 2011

2 months is too long!

Wow, how did 2 months pass with out me updating the blog! I'm going to blame it on moving...yes again. Our lease was coming to an end and we wanted to be closer to Twisted Pixel so Brandon didn't have to commute as far.
During the end of January into February I was house hunting since we needed to move before March 1st. The second time out with the Realtor I found the place! But then a whole mess of stuff on the listing agents side screwed it up. So we didn't get that house. And the hunting continues. We were not having much luck and needed to move soon. I was at my wits ends, as were the kids. It was just over a week before we needed to move and still, no place. During a search yet again on the MLS site all I saw were the same houses that I had already looked at. Then I noticed that a house I looked at early on that had come down in price.
It made me think. Well, its in our criteria of being close to Brandon's job, its cheaper (even more so since the price came down) and well its available. It is a great deal smaller than the Round Rock house, but that house was just too big! Its smaller than our IL house was, which I think was the perfect size. But its not forever and we'll be able to save money to buy our own house since its a good amount cheaper than the last. So done and done!

Our new house!
We now live in South Austin, a whole 5.5 miles from Brandon's work! And we are so close to everything else, its great! We still aren't seeing Brandon as much as we'd like even though we are closer because 2 games are coming to an end and its been crunch time for what seems like forever. We were hoping that living so close he'd be home for dinner now. One day.
Time just slipped by me with packing, moving, unpacking and getting the house all situated. We've been here 3 weeks now and well, we still aren't totally unpacked, but that won't really happen anyways because all of our stuff just won't fit in the house but most of it.

Lily and Corbin reading in the mess of moving
Sleep over party the night before we moved
A random picture Corbin drew of me pregnant with the 3 of them!
A crazy cool digger painting

Lily turned 3 on January 23 and got an awesome bike!
And some sweet skull clippies

I didn't make an owl cake for any reason besides the fact that they are cute.

It snowed in Texas! But then 2 weeks later it was back to being in the 80's.

We went to a video shoot for the game is working on, Ms. 'Splosion Man. Which was a fake wedding.
Kids with the Meat Monster!

I took Rowen to his (and my) first Roller Derby bout to watch our friend Coty.
Rowen had allergy testing done since it had been a while. And with us traveling soon to Maryland and Massachusetts and him starting Kindergarten this year (YIKES!) we needed to get it updated. Poor kid. He is still allergic to peas, peanuts, asparagus, cashews, pecan, brazil nuts, pistachios, almonds- well all nuts. And we found out he is also allergic to cats and mold. Rowen is still all about Lego's and video games. And he also has his first loose tooth we discovered the other day!

Corbin is still pretty much obsessed with turtles.
We found out that the University of Texas had a Turtle Pond, so of course we went!

Corbin's sea turtle
The boys now draw on Brandon's Cintiq.
Being goofs at the playground
And Lily still loves to help me cook and bake. She also wanted to help do dishes! Lets hope she still does as a teenager ;)

Enchiladas baby!
Brushing on the egg wash on the Irish soda bread for St. Patty day
Making the bread
A sea turtle painting
Brandon turned 36!!!! How did that happen? We moved on his birthday so I didn't make him a cake. But I did buy what he wanted. An angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

I have started a garden this year! Some people think I'm nuts but when we own our own house I was a nice yard so we can have a giant garden and yes- chickens!

These were seeds that the kids and I planted and grew! You can't see the ones in the back to well. I planted more seeds today too!
Helping spread the dirt

I did make a cake for my friend Jamie's baby shower last weekend.

Now we are preparing to take our first big trip with kids! As I mentioned we flying to Maryland on April 5th (only 9 days away EEK!) then driving to Mass. and staying there until the 20th. We are going to see family we haven't seen in 4 years and some even more! The kids are going to meet all kinds of relatives they've never even met. Corbin (well he was in my belly) and Lily have never been on a plane. The last time Rowen flew he was 10 months old so he doesn't remember. I'm really looking forward to taking them to the Aquarium in Boston. And Kimballs of course (you New Englanders know what I'm talking bout)! And everything else we are going to do and people we are going to see is going to be fantastic!

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