Friday, January 23, 2009


Today is Lily's 1st Birthday! I've said it before and I'll say it again...they grow up so fast.

Lily 1.23.08

One year later 1.23.09

Lily has come a long way from a year ago, being 3 weeks early. She started walking on January 1st and is now a pro. She tries to chase her brothers but doesn't go very fast...yet. She has been refusing 'baby food' for about 2 months now. She loves most all foods, even beets and avocado (a favorite of her brothers, Daddy, and Grandpa). Her favorites are strawberries and pear (a fruit lover just like her brothers). She also loves Jamba Juice smoothies. She's only had them twice but she knows what the cup looks like and is gets all giddy and excited and repeatedly says "num"(which is her word for wanting food) until you give her some. She says some words which include, Mama, Dada, Ba-ba, and Num, kinda like Yum. She loves to wave 'Hi/Bye'. Every time she sees Rowen and Corbin she lights up with happiness. She is a very happy little girl and makes me smile and laugh everyday!

One other nice thing about a blog is I can share video!


  1. Happy Birthday, Lily!!!

    I called 911 once for Nadja (woke up from a nap after a nasty cold w/ fever & same thing - stomach sucking into her abdomen, wasn't breathing well) but other than that, I have to say we've been so lucky that the only ER visits the kids have been to are OURS, not theirs!

    ...I just jinxed my whole family, didn't I???

  2. happy birthday lily!! shes so cute! i hope rowen feels better :[ love you guys