Thursday, January 29, 2009

Timber Creek Farms

Going with the healthier way we are trying to live, I was referred to this WONDERFUL local place that not only has all ORGANIC produce and meats plus wild caught fish, they also deliver it right to my door! How much better does that get! I go online and pick out what I want to be delivered once a week (it comes on Tuesday). Depending on what and how much I choose its usually around $25-$30.

The kids enjoying the beets we got.

Corbin will only eat off of 'Mommy's plate', hey whatever makes them eat veggies! No he didn't eat the whole plate. ;)

Rowen doing some pondering....things that make you go "hmmmm'.
Lily's 'whatever' face.Playing with the guys that come with the Geo Trax trains.


  1. I am so glad you liked your veggies! After 1 year, I still love what I get every week. ...Well, melon season gets a bit ridiculous - try eating a giant watermelon & a honeydew & a cantaloupe in one week.(Plus bananas & oranges!)

    LOVE Lily's whatever face - it looks like a Romana face!

  2. aw i swear your kids get cuter by the day! im all moved into my leominster apartment! i was suprised that we got it! i will e mail you my new address.
    you are like super mom melissa! i hope to be like you. miss you love you