Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New park

We like to check out new parks in the area, so a few days a go we went to Champion Park about 15 minutes away in Cedar Park. It was great, beautiful and bigger than I though it was going to be. We discovered that there was also a dinosaur pit to dig in here like Zilker has. The nice thing about the one here was it's shaded. We were told that if walked along the 8 mile path for 15 minutes from where we were we'd come to a dam but we decided it was too long of a walk in the heat. We'd like to go back one day and maybe bring our bikes and do it that way. We were also told that at the other park it was connected to had a nice playground and sprinkler pad to play in.

We saw this yellow grasshopper on what I think is a type of bamboo that was in a little creek on our way to dig up some dinos.
There was also dinosaur structures you could play on as well dig for.
On our way to the dam in front of very big rocks.
Another view of rocks
Looking at fish, dragonflies and throwing rocks in the creek.
Lily decided she wanted to look at things while in the creek.
Though there was a bit of a hole in one the of shades. But still, it was nicely shaded.
Lily wearing a pretty dress she got from Grandma & Grandpa for x-mas and the back pack that came with her baby.
Rowen playing the letter game we do on the computer.
Corbin's turn. They always watch the other one and follow along.
Playdough girl.
Rowen riding his bike.
Our neighborhood pool.
All 3 jumping in.
Lily chillin' in her tube.
We got a giant watermelon (this is less than half of it) at Costco and Rowen wanted to see if he could hold it.
The kids love to have slices of watermelon at the pool. It's pretty much a regular thing we do when we go.
With all that watermelon, I made some fresh watermelon popsicles with pieces of fresh blackberries (as well as a batch with fresh cut pineapple chunks) in them. They are very refreshing, and hydrating in the Texas heat.
I am pleased so far with the quality of pictures the new camera takes. Click on the grasshopper pic (or any other pic of your choice) and zoom in.

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