Friday, July 9, 2010

What's been happening?

Soon after my last post, my camera died and then also my computer. Not good! Not just because I couldn't use them anymore but I lost the last years worth of pictures along with a whole bunch of recipes and everything else I had on it. I still need to take it to apple and see if I can recover some stuff from the hard drive but I'm pretty sure that that is the problem with it.
I finally got a new computer and camera!!! This time, no Apple. They are just too expensive. I got a PC laptop and so far I love it! Especially the SD card reader. It makes getting pictures on it so easy and fast. The Mac would take FOREVER! The camera works great too, though none of the below pics were taken from it. These are pictures from the middle of April before my camera broke and some are from Grandma's camera.

In the last few months we got Rowen a big boy bike (which we told him we would do after we moved to Texas). He does really well and picked up on it really fast. He still has the training wheels on and will for a while I'm sure. Lily has been potty trained for a couple months now! She was by far the easiest one to train. I decided one day I didn't want to deal with diapers anymore and asked her if she wanted to wear underwear. She said yes and starting using the potty right then. No more diapers! She had maybe a hand full of accidents during the first week and that was it. That travel potty has come in handy once again now. We've been out a few times where she needs to go and we simply stop and she does her thing and were back on our way.
I've been using the same Kumon workbooks for Corbin that I got (and still use) for Rowen. He is doing very well at writing his letters as well and recognition reading and sounding out words. Him and Rowen love to play rhyming games with Brandon and I. The boys also play a reading game on the computer (pics will be in another post). They have both been doing it for some time now. Rowen has been working on reading and spelling. He can spell a good amount of words. I'll have to count one day.

Now, its time to bombard you with pictures...

When Grandma and Grandpa were here we went into the city a couple times. We went to the Austin Childrens Museum and Zilker Park. We discovered after going again a few times since they have a great "Dino Pit'. It's a huge sand pit filled with fake dinosaur fossils to dig up (they even supply the shovels and little brooms to sweep the dirt off). There is a Botanical Gardens there we still need to visit.

Rowen, Grandpa and Lily
Lily mooing with cows at museum.
Play kitchen at childrens museum
Grandpa and Lily laughing.
Looking at pill bugs (we have many)
Lily having ice cream at Amy's Ice cream in the city. The employees were very nice here. We told them that we had food allergies so I asked if they could not smooch it on the cold top. They went further by using new clean scoops and opening a new box of sprinkles and pouring some in a clean bowl to roll it in.
In Texas lizards are most everywhere. They are harmless. Our neighbor caught one and brought it over. The boys even held it.
It decided to jump...
and climb up Rowen.
As well as Corbin.

Checking out the horses down the road

Corbin and Lily playing in our backyard

Riding the Zilker Zephyer train at Zilker park in Austin.

Feeding the pigeons at Zilker park.
We go swimming often at our neighborhood pool. It has a great zero depth pool/splash pad for the kids with dumping buckets, a mushroom fountain, sprayers and ground fountains.
I've since bought rash guard shirts for the boys. Saves a lot on sunscreen.

I know that I have/had more great pictures but I have to see if I'm able to recover them. Hopefully this week sometime. If I'm able to find them I'll have an oddly placed blog down the road.

Brandon has some time off for sabbatical so we are going to venture out and see the awesomeness that Austin has to offer!


  1. You guys look great! Congrats on the new computer & camera -

  2. Thanks! I hope you are enjoying your break. And I hope you are feeling better. :)