Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bowling and more food

The kids had their first bowling experience Saturday night! Twisted Pixel had a Captain Smiley release party at, The Main Event, in Austin. Its similar to a Dave and Busters. Rowen has been asking to go bowling everyday since. The boys had a blast. Lily enjoyed being there but was too little to enjoy the bowling. She did have a turn though. And Brandon won her a stuffed bear from one of the games so that made her happy.

A rare family photo
Lily's ball veeeeery slowly going down the lane. She tried.
Corbin bowling
Rowen bowling
Corbin playing air hockey with Rowen
Rowen playing air hockey
The score card, naturally Brandon won, but not by very much, haha
I made Captain Smiley (his head) and Star cupcakes for Brandon to take to work on the release day to celebrate.
Lily rockin out with the horns (as well as she can, haha) on the way to the party
Corbin's rockin the horns with his mohawk!
And I'm still cooking/baking when I can. I decided to make the kids homemade granola cereal. Why buy when you make fresh! This is a Pumpkin Granola. I used Rolled oats and mixed in cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and ginger.
I then mix pumpkin puree with applesauce, brown sugar and maple syrup and poured over the oats.
Baked and then when it cooled I added dried cranberries and raw pumpkin seeds.Voila! It is super yummy.
I also gave it a go at Carnitas! It was very easy and tasted AWESOME! I had left over frozen pork shoulder and didn't want to make pulled pork again. Then carnitas came to mind.
I browned it on the stove first then braised it in the oven with some garlic, a cinnamon stick, bay leaf, cumin and water. This is after it was done braising for 3 1/2 hrs.
Then I shredded away. I will definitely be making this again!

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