Friday, November 5, 2010

Pumpkin, wrestling, and big girl bed

We have had some very nice weather here in Texas. Though it is going to be warm again starting tomorrow, gradually getting to the mid 80's by Monday. But we have been taking full advantage of getting outside. Corbin has been in a total turtle obsession I would say the past couple weeks. So we walked down to the pond around the corner to look at the turtles swimming around.

The boys wrestling. Next MMA stars, right here.
Lily climbing at the playground.
I roasted my first pumpkins a couple weeks ago to make pumpkin puree. I made many things with it including a pie that Rowen helped with. It was the BEST pumpkin pie I have ever had. I also made a homemade pumpkin granola cereal, cookies, and pancakes.
Watching the mixer, while the 2 balance on a chair.
Rowen mixing, he really like to help cook.
The puree. After I baked it, I let it sit in a strainer for a good 6hrs lined with coffee filters to get out the excess liquid to have the think puree consistency.
The fabulous pie!
Corbin's turtle kick includes drawing them. He got a couple books for reference which was very funny. He did a great job!
We also finally moved Lily into a big girl bed a few weeks ago. She is the smallest one and has the biggest bed, a queen. We decided it was time because, well, she's almost 3. She wasn't trying to get out of her crib or anything and was sleeping great. Not so much anymore. I don't know if its cause she has the freedom to get out or not. She goes to bed fine. But she likes to get up super early (like 4am if not earlier) come in our bed, which she has never done, and then doesn't like to go back to sleep. Some night she stays in her bed all night. But a majority of the time, she's up super early and then miserable the rest of the day. She also seems to be in a total mommy phase that might be contributing. Hopefully it gets better soon. She loves her bed though. Especially since its has circles, her favorite.

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