Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dino pit and Nature walk

A couple weekends ago we took the kids to the city to visit the Dino pit at Zilker park again, now that its not 100 degrees out.

This time we stopped at the Austin Nature and Science center on the way to look at some fossils, minerals, animal bones, etc.
Lily checking out a turtle shell. I was quite surprised at how uninterested Corbin was with it since he is in a turtle phase right now.
Corbin investigating some insects.
After, we stopped for some frozen yogurt. I bought a Groupon for $1 that got all of us a bowl, with still almost $3.00 left to spend! Now that's a deal.
The next day we a discovered a nature trail and playground. We walked for a good 1/2 miles with no end in sight. We would have gone further but also had to keep in mind we had to walk that back. We walked for a good hour though stopping to explore things on the way.
We were very shocked when we saw Longhorns and a Donkey!
We also saw a crazy caterpillar with spikes! Neither of us have seen this before.
Another fuzzy caterpillar
Three of them playing nicely with their animals.

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