Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Around and out

The last couple weeks have been pretty mellow. We've just been hanging around waiting for warmer weather.

I was able to find cloth diapers that fit miss Lily!

Everyone building with blocks

We decided to have them all take a bubble bath. Lily was not thrilled with the idea in any way.

Corbin having a ride on daddy's shoulders

It took Lily a couple days to warm up to the idea of even standing on the grass.

But if she fell over she was not about to touch it.

Boys dunking

Walk around the neighborhood

Lily having some Ice cream cake for Brandon's birthday. I plan on making him a cake but haven't had a chance yet. We also had his favorite, Grape Leaves for dinner that we made during nap time.

Rowen enjoying it as well

And goofy Corbin enjoying it

My attempt to bring spring here already by growing some bulbs!

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