Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Puzzles and Puddles

We decided to get more challenging puzzles for Rowen to do. We feel he is needing to do more involved stuff if you will. Since they are very much in Cars we got some of those. Of course Corbin had to join in the fun too! He did really well. He is going to be ahead of the game in everything since most anything Rowen does he will be doing too. He already amazes us all the time with things he says. Hopefully being potty trained will happen soon!

When Rowen does something like this he always focuses very much, which is good of course.

Lily so nicely sharing her teething biscuit. She is starting to talk a TON now. She is always babbling something. We have been practicing "hi". She pretty much said it today! She walks around with her mouth open sounding it saying "ha, ha" trying to say it. She also has a specific 'word' she says all the time that means something to her but I haven't figured it out yet. I won't even attempt to spell what it sounds like ;)
She loves to sit at the kids table in the toy room now and can ride the ride-on car we have. We are still trying to get her to drink only from a cup but she has been refusing to drink milk out of it. She will drink juice and water no problem. We finally got her big cups like the boys use because she steals theirs and drink them. She is doing much better now but will still refuses it a few times a day. At night is when she drinks best from the cup, surprisingly.

It got to 54 degrees today so I put the boys boots on and away they went splashing in the puddles. They had a blast! The boys and Lily want to be able to play outside so bad. Since Lily got to walk around outside a couple weeks ago anytime we go for a walk she wants to get out and roam around ( I don't blame her) but it is too wet out right now. She would have one wet butt if she did. I think she is going to be crazy little girl come the time that she can. I am going to be running around chasing her everywhere.

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  1. Oh I feel you! Every time we walk out to the car, Nadja starts kicking and jumping around the driveway and Romana tears off down the street screaming "Walk! Play Outside!" And I feel like such a jerk because I have to round them up and stuff them in the car to go somewhere where we will again... be indoors. AAAK!