Monday, February 16, 2009

The joys of picture time!

So have you ever thought of the craziness that happens when trying to get a family of 5 ready to get pictures taken? It is a lot of work for 15 minutes of uncomfortable poses, kids who forget how to smile, not wanting to sit or stand in one spot for more than 2 seconds, finding coordinating outfits (and all the right sizes), having everyone rested, happy and full of food at the time of the appointment. This is what we did on Sunday. Nicely placed in the mall was a 2 story carousel right next to the picture place which we (myself, Rowen and Corbin) of course went on. Rowen sat on just fine but Corbin took time to warm up to it (as he does with most things) and by the time he was ready to sit it only went around two more times. They were both pretty much happy the ride was over. I now see why with Rowen.

We then experienced our first panic of needing to go to the bathroom in public with Rowen now being potty trained. Brandon took him to one and when he was done he kindly told me that he "peed on the floor, juuuust a little bit." It was very cute the way he said it, not so much mine. But what are you gonna do? He's new at it.

I have yet to see the pictures as their was no way we were going to sit there and wait for them to prepare them to show us. I will be going back on Sunday to see just how well they came out. I am very interested.

A side note:
Last night after dinner we were all sitting and playing together when Lily and Corbin were playing and Lily was wanting a kiss from Corbin. I told him she was looking for a kiss from him and he lend over so she could kiss him. She likes to just have her mouth open when she gives kisses and Corbin was not fond of it, ha ha. He let her know by saying "no Lily, I don't like your tongue". It was very funny.


  1. i hope you can share the family pictures when you get them back!

  2. Of course! Well that is if they are good enough to get;)