Thursday, February 19, 2009

Painting fun and more

The boys had fun doing some painting today! They did lots of pictures, as it only takes them about a minute before they are done with the one they are doing.

Corbin inspecting his blue fingers.

All the paintings they did in about 10 minutes.

The aftermath (which isn't that bad really).

Lily when her smoothie is gone. They LOVE their smoothies and ask everyday for one. Little do they know how good they are for them.

Happy she got some more.

Corbin icing a Valentine cookie.

Rowen concentrating very hard on where the sprinkles should go.

Wahooo, icing!

Lily snagging Corbin's binky (he really only has it when he sleeps).

Silly face wondering if she should do it.

Doing a puzzle; a digger puzzle of course!

Boys playing with trains (shocker).

Froggy Corbin after bath (he's standing on the vent to be warmer).

Spinning lettuce is fun!


Eating some, Corbin isn't too thrilled but Rowen ate the Kale and loved it.
I vouch for the whole family when I say we are sick of winter. The boys so want to go out and play and need to. Chasing with daddy when he gets home just isn't enough. They aren't using up enough energy sitting around the house everyday. We can't even go out and play in the snow because there isn't any, and when there was it was too cold. Warm weather where are you?


  1. i'm with you on that, where is the warmth? that day or two when it was super warm was just too much of a terrible tease. now it's windy and miserable again. enough i say!!

  2. I can't agree more. Another day in the basement...

    My girls love the salad spinner too!

    What adorable pictures - looks like Lily is "one of the boys" now! Good for her!

  3. We are anxiously awaiting the warmer weather. I'm not even asking for 70s, we'll take mid 40s at this point. Our girls barely know that the outside world exists because of the cold.