Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lily's first vomit

It was not caused by being sick though. I've mentioned it before...my kids for what ever reason do not chew their food. Yesterday I was eating an apple and as always all 3 of them need to have some. I of course share, but this time Lily decided she didn't want to chew it up before swallowing it.

Soooo, what happens? I see she has a mouth exploding with food so I reached in and took out what was in there. She then proceeded to keep having a blotchy face and make odd noises. Then there was drool, her nose kept running and she kept rubbing her face all over. I then shoved my fingers in her mouth to see if I could get anything else out. I didn't see or feel anything but she kept being very blotchy, couldn't stop rubbing her face, was yawning a ton and wasn't talking like she always does. She was breathing but something wasn't right. I knew that something had to be stuck somewhere. I gave her many back blows to try and get out whatever was in there, if anything.

After 15 minutes she was still the same (mind you she could breathe and wasn't blue or anything). I then took her to Brandon to see if he could see anything, sometimes she does things easier for him, like brushing teeth. He didn't see anything but she wasn't changing in her appearance, better or worse. We gave her more back blows and still, nothing. I took her in the toy room where the boys were and sat her in my lap and tried to get her to have some juice to maybe wash down something that might be in there. She wouldn't have any and was still all blotchy, rubbing her face and yawning like crazy. She climbed off my lap, laid on her belly for a second, stood up and then, VOMIT. Finally, after 30 minutes (she was breathing of course during this time) it all came out. And sure enough NONE of her food in that vomit was chewed!

I knew something was stuck. It wasn't in her wind pipe, but that apple was stuck way down for sure.

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