Thursday, July 9, 2009

Lincoln Park Zoo

We took a family trip into the city to the Lincoln Park Zoo yesterday. We went with our friends the Leungs, who will also be moving to Texas. The kids had a blast, even though it was sprinkling the entire we were there, which then turned to rain about an hour before we left. It wasn't too bad because there were a lot of trees and we went to an inside exhibit for the last half hour or so we were there. But it made it a fun adventure.

I was bummed that we didn't get to one of the exhibits because the kids were ready to go and then there was the rain. Its called the Edible Garden. Corbin would have loved it because of the tractors. Its an organic garden that the kids can go in and "work" in. They sell the produce from it at the Green City Market (an organic farmers market).

We were lucky enough to have a family picture done.

These monkey's were going crazy, it was quite funny.

Rowen looking at some Alpacas.

There was even a great little train for the kids. Rowen of course LOVED it! Corbin did until it started moving and thought he was going to be taken away from us or something. He was very happy when it was over.

Boys and some Lions.
Lily and Mommy looking at Meerkats. She called them doggies. Most anything that moves is a dog to her.
We were even lucky to have a bear come over to the close viewing window. I wasn't fast enough with the camera so I got a nice shot of his bum.
Ahhh...the aftermath of walking around the zoo all morning.

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