Sunday, December 12, 2010

Austin zoo and Sanctuary

A couple weekends ago we went to the Austin zoo and sanctuary. I found a great deal on one of those coupon sites called, I got us all in plus 4 bags of feed for $15! We were thinking of going to the San Antonio zoo but didn't feel like doing the 100 mile drive. One day we will though. Brandon has the week after Xmas off so we'll probably go then.
It was an OK place. I don't think we'd go again. It didn't have very friendly paths to walk along and the place was covered in flies and yellow-jackets. We were there maybe an hour as it wasn't overly big either. The best part about it was all the turtles they had! Corbin was very happy.
I think this one wanted to eat him, haha.
Yep, he's hungry.

It was actually a bit scary how close you could get to the turtles (and the turtles get to you).
What! More turtles!
Watching some loins.
The petting zoo area where the feed came in.
This one wanted to make sure he got his share.
Hello, Rooster.
This was a good for Corbin getting to see all the turtles!

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