Sunday, December 12, 2010

Turtles upon turtles

Lets see, is this going to be a turtle phase, or will he like turtles through adulthood. Either way, Corbin is all about turtles right now. Which includes drawing them as well as making turtles out of anything he can fin in the house. If I leave my notebook on the counter I end up finding my grocery list adorned with turtles too. I must say it is very cute to see his face when he looks at turtles and plays with them. They bring him much joy and its awesome!

One morning he woke up, got a couple books for reference (all by himself mid you) and started to draw some turtles.
Around the house you'll find many turtles he made with all kinds of things. This is made of a Matchbox cars track and puzzle pieces and an egg.
Domino turtles.
Blocks and bucket from a storage shelf.
Blocks and a ball.
Letter puzzle pieces and the top from an army guy bucket.
Completely random- spoons, a pan, a coin and pretend credit cards.
A light-saber and blocks.
These are just a select few of the many turtles he's made. The boy is creative.

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