Friday, June 26, 2009

Bye, Bye HVS!

Today is Brandon's last day at High Voltage. He will now be working for Twisted Pixel Games! He will still be a Concept Artist, but at a company he likes way better. Well, what does that mean? Yes, we will be moving. We are going to be moving to Austin, Texas! We won't be moving until March so he will be working from home until then, with trips to Texas about every two months, give or take a couple weeks depending on crunch times and what not. He will go for a week when he goes, so that will be another change and difficult at times (mainly for me) but its only until we move.

I am actually REALLY exited about moving there! I've been doing a lot of research (naturally) and have been impressed with the findings. One of the towns I am looking at houses in is called, Cedar Park, it was named a top 10 place to raise a family. There is great organic farmers markets, all sorts of natural rivers to swim in, exceptional schools, awesome botanical gardens, water parks, and the housing is WAY cheaper than Chicago.

Anyways, Twisted Pixels latest game release is called The Maw, which is a downloadable game for the Xbox. Its funny, the last few days Rowen and Corbin (Rowen in particular) have been very into play The Maw. They wake up in the morning asking to the play "The Maw game" and when Brandon gets home. Rowen is actually getting the hang of how to play a game. He does really well! Corbin likes to push all the buttons, he doesn't really understand how it works, but loves to see it.

Twisted Pixels next game to be released is called Splosion Man. It was nominated by IGN for FIVE "Best of E3" awards:

*Best Overall Platforming Game
*Best Overall Downloadable Game
*Best Xbox 360 Platforming Game
*Best Xbox 360 Downloadable Game
*Best Xbox 360 Artistic Design

It won Best Xbox 360 Platforming Game! E3 is a HUGE gamers convention if you aren't up on your gamer info. The game consists of you play as an experiment breaking free from the people who created you. Your only power is the ability to explode. And you'll use this to launch yourself around numerous levels, solving platforming puzzles along the way. There are even some stages built specifically for four-players coop platforming.

You can watch the trailer for it here. Pretty awesome, huh??? :)

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