Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Rowen's first commuter train ride!

Today Rowen had his first commuter train ride, and on a Double Decker to boot! He was SO excited. Since Brandon has a couple days in between jobs it was a nice to go at time where it wouldn't be too crowded.

We thought it would be both boys going but has they were walking to the train it intimidated Corbin and he decided he didn't want to go. It was also his nap-time so he was a little tired.

Of course for some reason we didn't think to have to Brandon take the camera after I took the picture of them...duh. So we have no pictures of him on the train.

I dropped them off at the station down the road and they went for about 5 stops where I then picked them up. It was a nice 25 minute ride. Rowen was not too happy when he got in the car though because that was not long enough for him. He wanted to go for a longer ride, naturally, the boy is a train freak :) We decided that towards the end of the summer one of us will take him for a ride all the way into Chicago, maybe walk around the city for a bit, then ride back.

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