Friday, June 26, 2009

Past few weeks...

have been pretty mellow. We haven't done a whole lot of outings or anything since I had my ablation (for the most part I am doing pretty well now). We've been playing it low key and hanging out at the house. We've done a lot of playing in pools and such with it being SUPER hot here the past week. Its been in the high 90's with the heat index up to 105!

I felt daring one day and took them all to the community pool. Lily was happy to be playing in a warmer pool. When we use our pool she doesn't really like it because it's SO cold. Though it wasn't very refreshing because it was quite warm. I'm not sure what Rowen is doing here.

I wasn't too worried about the boys since they took swimming lessons, plus the pool doesn't get deeper than 1ft 3in. They have a nice separate kiddie pool off from the big pool.

Our new pool since
last years was not fixable.

Lily's new favorite thing to do is eat with a bowl and spoon. Its nice because it will keep her occupied for a bit, but of course the spoon part doesn't always last too long :)

Lily checkin' out the Basil

Our Tomato plants have grown a TON! This picture was from a couple weeks ago so they are even bigger now. You can check out under the blog archive in May and see what they looked before.

We have a good dozen or so of long vines full of tomatoes.

Rowen just looks so grown-up to me in this picture.

We have discovered tiny frogs (which is that tiny speck to the right near the edge of the grass) down the street that has become a regular walk everyday to go see them. We noticed today they installed a Tornado siren there. Which is good cause now we can hear it better.

Lily walking around barefoot looking pretty!

The new siren will come in handy as we had our first Tornado scare last Friday. The boys are practicing good safety here. Corbin HATES thunder, so he had his hands over his ears almost all day. There were funnel clouds spotted just down the road from us. Not fun.

Clouds gearing up.

And Rowen is still all about his trains. I think more than he ever has been in the past. Everything is or looks like a train to him. Clouds, bubbles from his pee in the toilet (oh yeah), drawings, EVERYTHING!

And a BIG Congratulations to our friend Shayne and his girlfriend Jenny who had a baby girl, Violette, almost 2 weeks ago.

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