Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jungle Junction Cake

Rowen wanted a Jungle Junction cake for his birthday. Its a new series on the Disney channel that follows a group of fun-loving animals on wheels as they explore a unique jungle. The episodes follow one of the key characters as they overcome a problem by working with their friends. It takes place in the idyllic and lush riverside town of Jungle Junction, which is surrounded by an unending desert. Much care and consideration is needed to ensure the survival of the jungle, which is a core theme of the show.

I thought it would be pretty easy given the characters are pretty simple shapes and colors. It was more than I thought it was going to be. But it was fun figuring out how to make them and then seeing his face when they were done. He would be so excited to wake up and see the progress of the cake. Brandon even helped out with this one! I think he just wanted to see how it was sculpting with fondant. He wasn't too amused as he thought he was doing a horrible job (which he didn't). He did the elephant (ellyvan) and pig (zooter) and helped with the trees. Rowen and Corbin were so happy when they were finally able to eat a Beetle Bug (who are the tiny"playful kids" of the jungle and eager to learn).

I couldn't find a good picture online, so I took one of the TV.
Here it is! We didn't do all the characters. There are a few episodes that have mud puddles in them so we put Zooter in mud (melted chocolate) cause we figured the kids would get a kick out it, which they did. The whole thing is edible too.
Family before destroying the hard work.
Watching me lay fondant.
Lily looking at all the piecesRowen also got a 'Splosion Man t-shirt for his birthday that we had specially made for him. As you know it is one of the games that Twisted Pixel (company Brandon works for) did. And Rowen loves the game! His excitement when it came in the mail.
He wears is about every other day now (hey I can only do so much laundry in a day).


  1. I love that cake you made, What did you do for invitations? Did you do any? I can't find any birthday supplies in this show yet and it's my daughter's favorite show. My email is Please let me know, thanks, Amanda

  2. I love the cake! It's my son's favorite show as well. He's singing, "Got a zip got zip" as I write! Awesome job! I have some invitation I designed if you are interested in the future because I also wasn't able to find anything. Email me at :-)

  3. Great Cake! I wish I had talent like that!

  4. I love this cake, great idea! I have been searching and there are no decorations, balloons, invitations or even toys I have found. Can anyone help???? Any info is helpful. My daughter's bday is in March.

  5. Love your blog can you please share the info on the program you use to build your blog?

  6. TOO CUTE!!! My son loves Jungle Junction, I'm going to have my friend attempt to make a cake like this!

  7. I love that cake. My son loves the show too, so for his birthday he would like something like that. My email address is
    Can you email me and we can talk about how you did them, specially the wheels and the trees.

    Thank you so much!!


  8. Love the cake. Can you please let me know how you did this cake? My daughter would like a jungle junction cake her birthday. My email is

  9. Hi my name is Dana, I'm a stay at home mom from Tel-Aviv Israel! LOVE the cake it's a work of art! my son loves the show as well, I was looking for an idea for a birthday cake for him and hopefully I will try to make one as amazing as yours!

  10. Thank you everyone for your love of this cake! I am in the middle of a big 1200 mile move to the great state of Texas. Some quick info... I didn't do any invitations (I'm sure they don't make any), it was just the family for his party.

    I made a box cake and used fondant to decorate and make the figures. The "mud" is just melted chocolate. I had the show on while making the figures so I could see them while doing it. I used a leaf cutter for the leaves and laid them on a curved plastic piece to dry so they would be curved. For the trunks of the tree I rolled out the fondant with little colored pieces to get that effect. Then wrapped it over a fondant I rolled like a thick worm. I held the leaves on with a toothpick in the middle at the top of the trunk.

    I made and colored all the fondant first so it would be done, then went to town modeling and decorating. It took me about 4 days doing it at night for about 4-5 hrs each night.

    Thank you everyone again for liking my work!


  11. my son is requesting a jungle junction cake
    I googled it and your cake came up.
    WOW- it is amazing! I could never do anything like that... any ideas for a REALLY scaled down version?

  12. That is AMAZING!!! I am trying to put together a Jungle Junction themed party for my son's 1st birthday. WHat did you do for invitations and other decorations?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!