Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pumpkins and Halloween

We've had a fun couple weeks with getting ready for Halloween. We gutted and cut out our pumpkins. This time Lily got to help. She wasn't too thrilled at first with touching it but eventually loved playing in the goo.
It took Corbin a few minutes too but once we told him to pretend he was an excavator he was right in there!
Lily's face before she liked it.
Rowen was right in it ready to get out the goo!
Candy, candy, here we come! This Lion costume sure got its run. Not only did they each wear it but it was originally from Cousin Dylan who wore it first. Corbin was Iron Man and Rowen was Batman. He said he wanted to be a bat, thus Batman it is. We had done a lot of home decoration making with cutting out bats and ghosts and stuff to put on the windows, so he has become a fan of bats since. The boys LOVE cutting out stuff with scissors.

Lily went to a few houses but mostly sat and ate lollipops (3 to be exact) the whole time we were out. It kept her happy as you can see.
Rowen had a Halloween at school and I volunteered to help out. I made cookies for the kids to decorate.
Tis' the season for Pomegranates! Lily's (and the boys) favorite new snack.
Having fun watching cars zoom around the track.

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